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2009-07-24 02:30:13 by CryogenChaos

So I took up a challenge one of my friends gave me: write a short story about a specific emotion. I chose passion because I've always been interested in how people describe their passion for something. This story doesn't really mean anything specifically, it's just two guys talking to each other, one madly in love, the other slowly getting weirded out. Enjoy!


"It is a curious thing, passion. Many do not feel it for their entire lives, yet they wish they could. It is not unlike the emotion called 'love', and perhaps it is in fact love, though a much more extreme variant."

"Well, why don't you explain what you mean?"

"What I mean? How can I explain what I mean? How can one describe the fiery magma that we call passion? It is like I am a beast, snarling and growling when I am not near her, yet purring like a kitten when I am. It is beyond anything I have ever felt before; my entire life has succumbed to this numbing sensation! Every action, every minor movement I make is to further my goal to be with the one I care deeply about."

"...that sounds dangerous."

"Of course it is dangerous! All things in life are dangerous to some degree, but passion brings out the true danger of any situation. I would attack an entire army unarmed if it meant I could be just a little bit closer to my love. It is invigorating! I cannot get enough! Not a minute goes by without me thinking about her! The very image of her face is burned so deeply into my psyche that my dreams are haunted by her!"

"But what about yourself? Surely you live for yourself!"

"I cannot live for myself until I am united with her! She is my alpha and omega! Words do not come close to describing what I feel when I think of us together! Even now, while we are talking, I am deep in thought, calclulating my plans to be near her. I have set up a, of sorts, for any and all possible outcomes and/or fallacies in each individual plan. If one fails, I will know what to do. If things do not go as planned, I will know what to do. Yes...I will know what to do..."


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2009-07-24 16:57:22

Cool story, bro

CryogenChaos responds:

You are so awesome. How the guys over at 4chan must love you!


2009-07-28 07:39:58

Passion is not always love, in the romantic sense of the word.

Knowledge of mankind is a knowledge of their passions.
- Benjamin Disraeli

Its hard to put into words the heat of emotion without it sounding cliché and false. I know you're sort of tongue-in-cheek- with this, but it still makes for an interesting challenge.