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That's a big ol' desk right thar

2009-07-30 21:20:51 by CryogenChaos


That's a big ol' desk right thar


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2009-07-30 21:37:50

itchin ma nignogz


2009-08-01 03:18:52

Accurate self portrait

CryogenChaos responds:

I am acutally this lazy.

Also, that bottle just contains water. I'm too much of a wimpus to drink booze frequently.


2009-08-01 21:41:10

That was me at school during lunch a few days ago. :3 And when I pass out on the computer. :3

CryogenChaos responds:

Passing out on one's computer is not a good idea. What if you were to get drool on the screen?!



2009-08-04 01:02:12

Also I couldn't help but notice you have no illustrations of a human phallus.
Every Newgrounder is required to have one, it's like the proverbial hall pass.

CryogenChaos responds:

The bottle in my hand is a metaphorical penis. Also, the water is semen.

So in a psychological sense, I'm fast asleep after having gay sex, penis in hand and everything.


2009-08-11 14:46:03

The drool melds in with the water making a rather disgusting liquidto plant your face in... ew

CryogenChaos responds:

Actually, there's no drool there. It's just water.

I'm more concerned with the fact that it's going to spread to my drawings and ruin them.


2009-08-13 01:45:41

Cool cat ears, bro.

CryogenChaos responds:

Thanks! They attract potential mates. :3


2009-08-22 01:01:31

I prefer rabbit ears.

CryogenChaos responds:

Bunny ears come in close, but I'd look goofy in them.