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Awesome songs!

2009-09-05 20:59:13 by CryogenChaos

In no particular order, here is a list of songs I have recently re-found that are fucking good:

Daddy DJ - Daddy DJ (This song was the original song to use the melody Basshunter uses in DotA)

Velvet Acid Christ - Futile (Resisted) (Holy fuck this is awesome. "Self-determination is irrelevant, you must comply")

I Am X-Ray - Pretty Rave Girl (Again, the same melody as Daddy DJ, but it still makes me smile)

Weird Al - Polkamon (Okay, I lied here: I never actually listened to this song before just a few days ago, but I really like it, which is weird considering i'm not normally a fan of Weird Al)

Youriza - God is a Girl (Techno Remix) (Starts off kinda slow, but I really like it. Makes me think of SlashFirestorm's fanfic Sinners)

Luke Terry - Chemical Plant Zone Remix (In my last news post, I said I hated Chemical Plant Zone. I still do. However, Luke Terry's remix of the music is just awesome)

SMF - HaHaHa (This was one of if not the first hardstyle song I ever heard)

GS-Screamer - Thrash King (Everyone seems to love Bowser the Shredder more, but I like Thrash King a lot more)

The Dust Brothers - This Is Your Life (A great song from the Fight Club soundtrack. Features a lot of quotes from the movie)

LCD Soundsystem - Get Innocuous! (Soulwax Remix) (I found this one shortly after I heard their song "Daft Punk Is Playing At My House")

The KGB's - Infinity (Hardstyle remix) (Another hardstyle song. This one incorporates lyrics from Scarborough Faire)

Reel Big Fish - Hungry Like The Wolf (I love both this cover and Duran Duran's original)

Crush 40 - I Am All Of Me (Yeah yeah, it's from Shadow the Hedgehog. I didn't like the game, I don't like most Sonic music nowadays, but this one is pretty good)

Big D And The Kid's Table - Little Bitch (My favorite cover of this song, I heard it in one of Matt Wilson's (read: creator of Bonus Stage) demo reels)

Rammstein - Moskau (I decided to change it from Amerika to Moskau, simply because I like Moskau a lot more now. It's excellent!)

Hatsune Miku - Yukkuri Shiteitte ne!!! (Take it easy!!!) (I adore Miku, and I adore her songs. Everybody is familiar with her rendition of Ievan Polka, but I like this song much more)

Spor - 1 Up (Recommended to me by Black-Ops, and I gotta say it's pretty damned awesome. Olskool sound effects abound!)

Victims of Science - The Device Has Been Modified (Wonderful song comprised entirely of sound clips from Portal. It's not a Still Alive remix, which is another bonus)

DJ Suckapunch (I guess) - Fuck Yo Couch (This song is pretty much entirely composed of the Chappelle's Show Rick James couch scene, if you couldn't guess. I like it, though)

Hating4AM - Spinball Shitstorm (Updated) (Fucking heavy awesomeness. I didn't know just how much I loved the Sonic Spinball boss theme until I heard this song.)
Look these up on Youtube. You won't be disappointed.

EDIT: Okay, maybe you'll be disappointed with Polkamon, but damn it, it's just weird to hear a popular artist make a song about a Nintendo game.


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2009-09-06 19:57:01

Haha, I remember liking Pretty Rave girl from a long time ago, it's pretty good.

CryogenChaos responds:

Yeah, I haven't heard any of I Am X-Ray's other works, so I'm left to assume that Pretty Rave Girl is all he's got.


2009-09-15 00:14:52

So, uh, in case you did not know...I'M BACK. I missed you.

CryogenChaos responds:


I'm sorry I haven't been on that often, my computer's fried. I'm actually posting this from a friend's laptop.


2009-10-09 22:35:41

I'm still campaigning for your modship.

CryogenChaos responds:

I'm still open to the idea.

I think my frequent computer mishaps kinda set me back a bit, though.


2009-10-13 12:54:57

No links?

CryogenChaos responds:

I thought about including links, but some of the songs aren't on Youtube as far as I know, mainly the ones that can be found here on Newgrounds. However, I think I'll add links in a bit.



2009-10-20 00:32:35

'Creature Feature - The greatest show unearthed'

Should be on the list.


2009-10-20 21:15:32

Ive never heard of 95% of that shit.


2009-11-15 11:34:30

Don't worry, now that Jade isn't a mod (:'(), that makes the position open.... :D

CryogenChaos responds:


When did this happen!?


2009-11-19 23:03:49

Coupla' weeks ago :(


2009-11-24 21:04:02



2010-04-03 23:56:44

If you get this, please come back. We miss you.

CryogenChaos responds: