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Since BBR is pissed that I actually returned to the BBS and i'm making good posts, he locked a thread that had a story i made on it. Here's my story.

Blood Vixens: A Vampirica Erotica Story

Let me tell you the story of my two friends. Their names are Diane and Alice, classy names for classy women. Diane and Alice are very close to one another, they're virtually inseperable, and their bond strengthened one night about a month ago. Before I tell you that story, however, there is something you must know about my friends.

Diane and Alice are vampires.

No, I don't mean "vampire" as in the Dracula or Nosferatu sort of way. I mean vampire as in they live normal lives, only drinking blood when nessicary, and they drink lambs blood at that. I'm sure now you don't believe me, but please stay with the story, as I'm sure you find it to be, fictional or otherwise, a riveting tale of love and lust.


About a month ago, Diane and Alice were scheduled to meet in their apartment for their semi-annual "Blood Feast". You see, they took their vampirism in a very carefree and humorous manner, so once every couple of months they dress in all black dresses, put on lots of makeup, and have a steak dinner with each other. So, that night, they met as they usually do. Diane, in a sleek strapless dress, her dark brown hair let down in the back and black eyeliner and ruby-red lipstick on; Alice, with a similar dress with straps that looped around her neck, her black hair pulled back into a pony-tail and black lipstick completing her ensemble.

They began as usual, proposing a toast to their "vampire elders" and began to eat. Halfway through dinner, however, Alice stopped eating. She put down her fork and knife, pushed away from the table, and went into their living room, without saying anything. Diane, quite confused, followed her. She found Alice sitting on their couch, curled up into a ball and in tears. Diane sat next to her and asked, "What's wrong, Alice?"

Alice looked at her with glassy eyes and said, "N-nothing. It's not important." Diane responded, "Alice, you know you're important to me. So what's wrong?" Alice paused, looking at her, then turned her head away and said, "Jesse broke up with me." Diane, hearing this, became angry and said, "What? Why?" Alice, with her head still turned away, continued, "He was upset that I didn't want to have sex with him."

Diane, now thoroughly enraged, growled, "That bastard! I have half a mind to go over there and kick his ass!" Of course, Diane would never leave Alice in the state she was in, so she tried to calm herself down. She then said, softer this time, "Alice...I wish there was something I could do to make you feel better..."

Alice looked at her for a moment and said, "Diane...I...there's a reason I didn't want to have sex with him. It was because..." Her voice trailed off. Diane, who knew Alice well, finished for her, "Because you want to be with someone else?" Alice nodded, and said in a shaky voice, "Diane...I want to be...with you."

Diane looked nonplussed, and Alice immediately began apologizing quickly, "Diane, i'm sorry, I don't know what came over me, please don't be angry, I-" Diane cut her off with a kiss. When she pulled away, Diane said, "I'm not angry, Alice. I want to be with you, too." Alice's eyes became bright, and felt an upwelling of an unexplainable emotion. She paused, then unzipped the back of her dress and let it fall to the floor. She looked at Diane with a questioning look.

Diane stared for a minute, then unzipped her own dress and let it fall to the floor. There they stood for a moment, stripped down to their underwear. Then, they moved closer and closer to each other, and the embraced, undoing each other's bra clasps. They then pulled down each other's panties, leaving them entirely undressed. They had never seen each other fully undressed, but it was safe to say they liked what they saw: Diane, pale and somewhat small-chested; Alice, with larger breasts and slightly darker skin.

The approached each other, and Diane opened her mouth and leaned into Alice's neck. She started biting her neck, not hard enough to make her bleed, but enough so Alice would feel it. Alice giggled and gasped, never feeling anything like this before. Diane pulled away, and Alice knew it was her turn. She started doing the same to Diane, and Diane gasped and moaned as if it was the most wonderful thing that could happen to her.

Without a moment's hesitation, Diane went into her room and came out with something large and...purple? With a jolt, Alice realized what was about to happen: she was about to have sex with her best friend. She felt nervous...and overjoyed. She had dreamt about this for months. She layed down couch, with her legs spread open.

Diane crouched down and turned on the object in her hands. It made a small but continuous buzzing sound, and with one swift motion, Diane thrust it into Alice's vagina. Never before did Alice feel such pleasure, and she moaned happily. She then noticed Diane was mounting the other side of the couch, easing herself on the other end of the vibrator. She began moving back and forth on the vibrator, and Alice followed suit.

They continued for what seemed like an eternity: panting and gasping on their purple vibrator. Their movements became faster and faster, their moans became longer and longer and eventually they "released". Diane then removed the vibrator, threw it away from her now-beloved Alice, turned around and lay next to her.

Alice looked at Diane, smiled and kissed her. When she pulled away, Alice whispered, "I love you, Diane." Diane smiled and said, "I love you too, Alice." Thus, the two vampire vixens became lovers, locked forevermore within each other's hearts.


2007-12-25 22:49:35 by CryogenChaos


The Technicality Mash

2007-12-11 13:10:31 by CryogenChaos

So, i'm "back". Well, sort of.

I'm not so much "back" as i am "lurking around the forums a little bit and i may post once in a while".

In other news, 7chan has been taken over by 4chan. Haha.

That's fucking it for me.

2007-08-06 02:00:46 by CryogenChaos

Well, guys, it was fun, but my time on the BBS is fucking over.

As you guys know, the mods recently implemented a rule not allowing any "risque" sigs. This, of course, included mine. It's not so much the fact that they deleted it so much as:

A. They're deleting them under the juristiction of the "No Porn" rule. As far as I was aware, underboob is not porn.
B. They're saying they've been deleting them as long as NG has been up. I don't know about you guys, but I had 4 years of risque and the mods didn't do shit (And then they try to convince me that they've been deleting mine for a long time, but i've been putting them back up. What the fuck).
C. No risque sigs = no more fun on NG.
D. They accept money for risque pictures in ads, but sigs are apparently too much.

You guys may think i'm overreacting to this, but come the fuck on. It's not about borderline hentai. It's about freedom of speech and how we don't have it any more.

So, in conclusion, TL;DR, I quit the BBS, fuck off overreacting mods.

I'll still come to Newgrounds, but i'm staying far the fuck away from the BBS now.

See you guys on the Internets.

Edit: Nice to see I proved BBR wrong when he said nobody would care if I left. But I digress. It's been awhile now, and I do miss the BBS, but still. If you guys think you could do something about the stupidity of the mods, and it works, i'll probably come back.

New Header = Sex

2007-07-26 21:33:19 by CryogenChaos

Ten bucks to the first person who can tell me what I like, based on that header.

Here's a hint: Some of the things represent more than one of the things i like.

Other than half the BBS, I mean.

Right. Anyway, this is a CryogenChaos Offical Porn Call. See, it's official.

WHAT I WANT: Pr0n. Hentai, lesbians and individual. Furry helps. And for gods sake, make then tasteful. Tasteful = showing enough to be hot, but not too much to be fucking weird (check out Frank-The-Hedgehog's sig as an example).

WHY: Because my sources have run dry, and i'm on a quest to create one of the biggest porn files ever. Gotta catch 'em all!

RUELZ: No linking me to the following sites:
- goatse, tubgirl, all those shock sites. I've been to them all. I know what your game is.

Thanks guys.

Oh, i forgot to mention. If you send me a picture that I really like, I'll turn it into a sig for whoever sent it. That should make some incentive.